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Most insurance companies are covering BREASTPUMPS!

Yup, you read that right! Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, health insurance companies will now pay for a breastpump!! I am thrilled about this!
my health insurance (United Healthcare) is now covering double electric breast pumps for NO COPAY and NO DEDUCTIBLE and I am told by the medical equipment company that most insurance companies are now mandated to do the same.

I qualify for either a brand new Medela Pump in Style or an Ameda Purely Yours and it is mine to keep. Plus, I am able to get a new pump shipped to my house every 12 months again with no money out of pocket!!! All I do is fill out an email form, call them when my baby is born next week (eeeeeeek!) and they ship it overnight mail to my home for FREE.

AMAZING NEWS!!! please call your health insurance company and ask about this. I was referred to Byram Healthcare and this falls under "durable medical equipment" in my plan, but it's definitely worth a shot to see if you qualify

Good luck, ladies!!
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