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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

I think I'd find another dentist, at least for a 2nd opinion. Actually, I'd probably go back to the place you were taking them first since you all ready know them.

We've never had any problems with the kids until Isaac last summer - he had 5 cavities (sorta... 2 were between 2 teeth, so affecting both teeth... technically 3 cavities but 5 fillings needed, kwim?). They were obvious even to us, we definitely didn't question their diagnosis.
Our kids get a good cleaning, brushing, flossing, flouride with the hygenist, then a check by the dentist - which he always asks DH or I to be present for so he can show us anything he sees. I've never felt pressured by him to do anything - in fact, when we've asked about things that he could have used to make some $$, he's always told us to wait it out, not to rush to anything. Not that he won't do work that's necessary, just saying we've given him openings that he could have used, kwim?
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