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Re: Homebirth 'mess'

Originally Posted by NappyChappy View Post
I have 2 plastic drop cloths, tons of old towels, 3 old sheets, and 23 chux pads. All of which is to be thrown away. Do you think that's enough. We have a protective cover on our bed if my water breaks while laying down. I don't think that will freak me out too much. I am just trying to prepare myself mentally and to think ahead. I am already 38 weeks 4 days- 4cm 75%effaced so definitely close.
I personally found that the plastic drop cloths moved around too easily. I didn't like them for the bed or floor. I switched to the flannel backed tablecloths with my third birth and love them.

Have you thought about compresses during labor? I do seem to recall that the rags I used for hot compresses saw a bit more of the mucus/discharge. I had 36 of the cheap ones from walmart. I've told my husband that if I had to choose only one thing to use during labor, it would be hot compresses!

Oh, and you may be in for a quick labor! My best labors were the ones where I walked around for 4+ weeks being 4cm and effaced Very easy births!
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