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Re: Help ECing a baby girl

Originally Posted by poopstermomma View Post
Have you tried letting her get back up, but not putting a diaper back on? And then asking her to sit again a few minutes later? We were 60 second sitters. If you haven't produced in one minute, you may get up and play for three minutes. (when I KNEW they had to go!!) Then you can sit again. I think you may want to end the cycle of letting her poop in a diaper- at this point, if she is giving such strong signals, poop on the floor, that you can talk about, would be better than letting her go in a diaper. I completely empathize with having more kids than eyes- my solution was to have a potty in the playroom. That way, I am playing with everyone but keeping a solid eye on the potty situation.

How did it go today? I know that every day is a new day!!
What a great idea! My lo has been frustrating because I will know she has a poop brewing: she will sit on the potty, do the dance... Oh it is painfully clear she has to poop. But when it doesn't come out quickly like her pee does, she's off, and then when she really has to go- BAM! It's out (on the floor) before we can get to the potty.
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