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For starters we're what you may call crunchy. We recycle, compost, bike when able, generally eco conscious couple. Interestingly, when I was pregnant with DS, the idea of cloth diaper somehow never crossed our mind. Well, to be honest, I think we were occupied, umm overwhelmed to say the least.....bottles, bassinet, pumps, layettes, onesies, I don't know?? So, while we were waiting in the reception area awaiting the highly anticipated ultrasound appointment, we came across the ad for cloth diapers in a magazine. It was either bummis or bum genius, or both. The prints and colors were just so darn cute! We looked at each other and a light bulb went off. We KNEW that's what we're going to use. We received a few BG 4.0s from the baby shower. At the time, budget was tight and we don't have family around. We wanted to go with cloth regardless, so I researched and found a diaper service in our area that was affordable. We thought it would be a good alternative until we nail down being first time parents. Well, knowing that we are do to it full time, we opted to buy our own covers in lieu of rent. Coincidentally, the hospital uses cloth and so DS's bum was cloth! A few months later, we were ready to move on and we added pockets and ai2s as our stash.

Now with dd, we're pretty much and AIO family, slowly venturing into the fitteds and wool territory. Dd has sensitive skin and would benefit from being aired out from time to time. Having two local cloth retailers nearby, one being blocks away didn't help either. Friends and colleagues thought we're nuts but we love it!! We love talking cloth and bring it up whenever possible or as it comes up in conversations. I guess you can say t
We were hooked since day 1!
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