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Re: fruit salad idea help!

Maybe instead of tossing it all together you could make fruit kebabs with a sauce... Yogurt based or a vanilla and mint infused simple syrup might be nice. Or maybe drizzled with chocolate or fondue? You could also make a fruit tart. I use a Snickerdoodle dough for a crust, but any sugar cookie dough you like will work- baked on a pizza pan until done. Cool completely and frost with a combination of 1 jar of marshmallow fluff and an 8oz brick of cream cheese mixed together. Fan sliced fruit out decoratively on top. For extra wow you can glaze the fruit with melted apricot jam (makes it look shiney) or dust lightly with powdered sugar. after everything is in place. You can also use the same cookie dough & bake on the back of a muffin tin to make cups. Then you can put a little of the cream cheese stuff and fill with fruit. Drizzle with chocolate (regular or white) and/or glaze with melted jam. Oh. And look in the canning section and buy a jar of fruit fresh. It works way better than lemon juice for keeping apple & pear slices white.

Happy birthday to your mom!
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