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Re: Help! Getting nervous about upcoming surgery and general anesthesia

We did not have time to talk to dd before she had surgery too much. She broke her arm and it was an emergency type surgery. Her second one we did not concentrate too much on it. We told her they would make her sleepy and take the pins out of her arm, then she would wake up and we'd be waiting for her. She wasn't worried, didn't have any issues. We kept every thing light while we were there- oooh look at those pretty yellow socks, ooh look at those comfy pajamas, etc. The nurses played movies on their computer while we were waiting. And they gave her the anxiety or whatever it is meds pretty early on. I was somewhere between crying and laughing because my 2 year old was drunk. She was falling over, drooling and giggly.

DD was a bear when she came to. As a side effect of the anesthesia she was really grouchy. Throwing a fit, crying hysterically. She was never a big fit thrower and I was at a complete on how to deal with it. She was throwing stuff, screaming at the top of her lungs. She wasn't suppose to walk because of being drowsy but she hit me when I tried to keep her on my lap. The nurse said some kids react that way. She also reacted that way to the tylenol with codine that was given to her after the first surgery. We very quickly switched to regular tylenol during the day and only gave her the codine at night for 2 days. The codine was suppose to help her not move her arm as much, kind of keep her down. But it made her so miserable. Instead we vegged out in front of the tv watching cartoons with a brand new Tinker Bell arm pillow. Second surgery only regular tylenol.
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