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Re: Singles Moms Support?

I'm a single mother of a one year old. My ex and I broke up when she was born (it was long overdue) I love raising her alone, but I'm worried about the future. I need to go to school and I am not in love with daycare options. I want to be a sahm, but obviously I have to support us. My mat leave ends on the 23rd and then I can live off my tax return for one month, then I'm out of money. I don't get child support, but if I did it would be less than 200 a month. I'm a little stressed right now.

My ex has a girlfriend now and I worry he will want time with my daughter now. I know lots of women wantto meet their boyfriend's baby. He is a manipulator and liar, so I have no clue what this girl hears about us. He also drinks often, spends his money recklessly, and does drugs. I was stupid to ever date him.

I feel a little better letting that all out. I'm a little stressed out.
Single mama to my sweet little girl [03/27/2012]
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