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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

Find another dentist.

Dh's dentist (before we were married) said one of his fillings was unstable and he needed to get a crown on the tooth. The one tooth needed a crown urgently but there were 2 other teeth that were pretty bad and would need a crown within a year. Dh put a crown on the one tooth and decided to wait for the other teeth to go bad before doing the others. Fast foreward a year, we get married and he switched to my dentist. He mentions the bad teeth to the new dentist who said he'd keep an eye on them but didn't see anything that would indicate the need for a crown anytime soon. 10 years later those teeth are still fine. Dh is pretty sure he got suckered into an unneeded crown now and that his previous dentist was not all that honest about the real state of his teeth.
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