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I just made some for my DS. I have some that are like the gerber ones for at home, but I wanted something that had enough absorbency for a small accident for when we are out of the house and eventually to wear for nights. I used the Katrina's quick sew soaker pattern. The outside is fleece and I added the extra fleece in the wet zone, and then I used the wet zone pattern to make a soaker out of flannel and sewed it in. It came out really soft and I tested it out last night. It absorbed most of the pee when he went (we are PL in a few weeks once I get all these trainers finished). I just couldn't justify buying trainers at $12 apiece for something small enough for his tiny butt, he's 22lbs and 33" tall and in the 25percentile for weight and has no butt. I haven't sewed anything since I was a kid, probably 20 years ago, and I had no trouble with this pattern. I'm going to end up with about 10 pairs for $20 worth material.

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