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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

I have the SAME feeling about my dentist!! 3 of my kids still see a wonderful pediatric dentist but as soon as my oldest got her braces off, she felt ridiculous going to little kid place. I started taking her to my dentist, who is an acquaintance outside of the office of mine.

Well, I am always left feeling as if they are searching for work to do. I also saw a goal sheet on the receptionist's desk that listed how much money they wanted to make that week. Really turned me off.

I posted in OT about it with no responses, but earlier this week I took my teenager in for a filling. They did the filling and then told me she'd need a root canal. I asked why I was paying for the filling instead of doing a root canal and she answered me in a roundabout way. Then she told me with the work they did today, my daughter wouldn't need the root canal for a few years. Yah...when she's over 18 and no longer covered by our insurance? No thanks.

I'm getting a 2nd opinion.
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