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Well for it started with 12 kushies classics purchased just in case I ran out of sposies for my 11 yo. I prepped them before she was born and fell in love with the cute polka dots and little yellow duckies. After she was born I used those 12 and some Gerber PF at home and sposies when out. I worked so we used a lot of sposies. Then when she was 9mo I quite working and she out grew her diapers and I bought 20 kushies ultra AIO from Kellys Closet. I still only used those at home and paper when out. I was a closet CDer and if some one came to visit I would change her to paper and his the diaper pail! I got made fun of a lot by the few who knew. Well really one lady who would make mention of it in public. And they were leaky and stinky. Lol.

Then my husband quite one of his two jobs and we found we were expecting #2 so I bought bumkins covers and lots of Gerber pfs. And used those one the two kids still using sposies a lot till I was expecting #3. Then I bought a package called Kellys Favourite Diapering System from KC it was DSQ pf, bumkjns covers and a few FB for nights. I actually bought two sets, one in smalls and one in med. We used those pockets and loved them so much I bought some wonderoos and was hooked. I returned all my sposies from my baby shower and used cloth 100% from there on out. We then bought a whole stash of wonderoos. One size pocket diapers agree what got me hooked and made me unashamed!

I have used every system out there but always come back to is pockets. I think its neat that I used the original is pocket, wonderoos.

For the last five children we have only used paper on occasion, like long vacation or nights or drought or because they were free. Every time I do I hate it, they are awful and just don't work like my cloth. Well except at night, sposies are better at night. Lol.
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