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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

When I was pregnant with my first (who is nearly 13 now) I got a catalog in the mail. I can't remember where it was from but it had these rainbow serged contours and nicki's covers in it. I was intrigued mostly, I'll admit, by the cute factor. I wasn't particularly into natural living in other ways at that point, but they did look cute and soft and squishy.

I did a little bit of research (I think we had internet access already) and everything just seemed like a hug investment, so we went with a diaper service which provided us with prefolds and bsww. That went well for a couple of months but buying our own stash began to feel like a better idea, so I bought a couple dozen Premium DSQ prefolds from Granitesmith on ebay and a few bummis. That is all I used for that child. I used those for my second child also (11 now) for most of her diapering.

When she was well over 1 I discovered the MDC diapering board and got sucked into the madness. She was nearly done with diapers, though I spent plenty of time on diapers for her, but at that point but I was pregnant with baby #3 and building a newbie stash was so much fun! So my 3rd daughter was well diapered.

Sadly my fourth daughter wasn't cloth diapered at all. I think it must have been some sort of burn out. Now I am very happily cloth diapering my fifth baby. I thought this time I would keep it simple with pockets or something very streamlined, but the wool bug bit me so that's what we're all about.
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