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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

I would find another dentist. I had taken my kids to a pedi dentist since they were a year old. Never really cared for them but they were local and they accepted my insurance. They filled several teeth on my daughter which I could never understand because I made sure her teeth were well taken care of. Anyway, she lost her front teeth and three came back quickly but one was taking its sweet time. We had a dental visit during this time frame. I was informed that she required immediate surgery to release her permanent tooth or she would have a horribly disfigured mouth. The insurance would only cover a little portion of the procedure. My out of pocket expense was $982.00!!!! I told them I would call to schedule and left.

I left and called my friend who works in an oral surgery clinic. She talked to her Dr.'s and they told us to come in for a second opinion. I drove 3 hours to get there. What I found out was shocking! All the fillings my daughter had did not show in xray. When I had asked the dental office why I could not see her fillings they said it was because they matched the color to her teeth. I was also informed that her tooth that required surgery should be breaking the gum within a max of 2 weeks. It broke through in the AM of the 4th day after that appointment. NO SURGERY NEEDED! It has been almost 5 years and she has never had another "cavity" or tooth problem of any sort except she could use braces to correct her bite.

Based on my experience I would say DO NOT allow them to fill ANYTHING else on your children and find another dentist ASAP!
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