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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

I was a CD baby in the 70's my cousins were CD babies in the 80's and in 2003 when DS #1 was born he was a CD baby. and DiaperSwapers turned me into the addict from all the fluffy mail pics. Thats when the Hyena diaper phrase started and I was there for the opening day of Hyena cart with a custom wool longies purchase from oh shoot I can't remember... it was the lady who started Hyena cart. Anyway the WAHMs were awsome the stalkings were outragious, the drama was DRAMA. Elbees had a waiting list 6 months to a year long. My favorite WAHM's were Mudpie Babies AIO's, Full Moon Baby Gear, Fluffy Mail, Christian Creations and custom wool longies and shorties from a number of different WAHM's. Cranky Pants and having all the Fruit prints in a certain fitted (can't remember the name) were all the rage. I spent a fourtune on diapers and covers. I could have diapered 3 kids and wash twice a week with the amount of diapers I had. My stash is still pretty large and I havn't had a kid in 6 years. #3 is expected in September. I'm not going to go crazy this time. I have brand new fitteds from Christian Creations still in the packaging from DS#2 that I never even tried on him. I was going to sell them but never got around to it. I have custom dinosaur longies and hand dyed t-shirt that have never been worn because DS#2 got such a bad rash when he wore cloth. Didn't get a rash with sposies. So I am going to wait patiently until #3 arrives, use what I have and weed out what works and what doesn't and then make some small purchases here and there. I will not be an addict this time around.

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