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Re: My DD's face

Originally Posted by keonli View Post
Hmmm, I'm googling torticollis and I don't think DD has that. When we sit her up, she can definitely hold her head up straight. I'm not very familiar with torticollis, so I might be wrong.

ETA: And yes, I will most certainly bring it up at her next appt!
Dd2 had a slight case she could hold her up on her own but it still somewhat looked like she was slouchy. I noticed it from day 1 and kept After the pedi and finally at 4 months we were recommended to therapy. It was slight but enough where you can feel the tightness and I would do massages and work with her, she only did therapy every week and a half. She is the one in my profile pic, you can see how it kind of tilts and it doesn't help that she doesn't have a neck. Lol. She still walked before 10 months but had a bit of balance issues. The way you describe your dd sounds a lot like mine. Good luck and hope you figure it out. Oh and when you google torticollis they really only show severe cases.
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