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Re: Not sure if I should trust my gut or not, help me please?!

Originally Posted by UnderTheStars View Post
I guess I'd better ask to clarify if diabetes is still a consideration or if that has been ruled out. Like I said, his levels were normal and they didn't suggest any sort of follow up regarding it.

Thank you all for your suggestions and understanding... All of my family pretty much keeps telling me to drop it and blame his age, or just say he is quirky and that I need to lighten up. But I just can't shake the feeling that there is more going on and it keeps me up at night...I just feel lost.
Excessive urination is a symptom of T1 diabetes. Even the stomach aches and tiredness could be a symptom if he were getting sick enough. However, the eye tics and other things you mentioned aren't. My guess is that he's NOT developing Type 1 diabetes. Because if his blood sugar is already high enough that his body is trying to pee out the excess glucose, they would have found glucose in his urine. If you're still worried, give him a whole bunch of juice and take him to a pharmacy and ask they test his blood sugar. (or find a friend with a meter) If his bg is over 200, there's a problem.

Is the excessive urination a fairly recent thing? Or has he always been a heavy wetter? There is something called diabetes insipidus. It's when the body doesn't make a hormone that concentrates urine so they drink and pee A LOT. Is his pee ever dark? Or is it always really diluted? Does it have a bitter smell? From what I understand, diabetes insipidus isn't necessarily dangerous, other than they develop a obsession with water b/c they are always thirsty. But there's a pill they can take to replace the hormone that will start concentrating their urine.

I don't know what other problems your son has, but the ones you've mentioned definitely don't sound normal. I have a DS who had chronic diarrhea and was losing weight. One dr blew it off and when I switched drs and asked to see a specialist they ran every test under the sun. Everything came back normal. I was frustrated b/c I knew that having explosive diarrhea was definitely NOT normal! I happened to run across some info online about a fructose intolerance, asked that they test him for it, and it turned out to be the cause of his problems! My point is-- sometimes you just have to keep looking. It's hard when you don't even know what to test for. But keep listening to your gut and doing what research you can.

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