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Re: Anyone have a DH that was NOT considering a large family?

My DH was done at 2. The third one was a total surprise to him and me. The fourth one was either a total temping failure or a true birth control method failure - not sure which.

So now we have 4 kids.

I am okay with stopping. But I love kids and really REALLY enjoy being a mom. I feel like I'm just getting good at this! lol. But I've told DH we can stop and I'd be okay with it (I was very NOT okay with it after just 2... and that was a rough time for us)...

But now DH seems hesitant about getting the permanent fix.... I don't think it's cause he's changed his mind... but I also know that if he doesn't get the big V done, we will wind up preggo again. We're both very fertile. I keep encouraging him to make that appointment! But, truth is, I'm okay if he doesn't.

We'll see where life takes us. I'm alright either way. We have 2 boys and 2 girls and I couldn't be happier with our family dynamic right now.

I don't think DH really WANTS a big family, but I think he's scared of getting the procedure done, and I am NOT getting any permanent thing done to me b/c I had all the babies and I am not down for that.
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