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Re: So many cavities, so little time.

I've had a bad experience with a local dentist too.....first one tooth problem with DS1(cavity led to abscess, led to extraction, then spacer).....I thought ok with that.....then same on the other side, got a filling, he had a check up after, then probably 3 weeks after his all clear check up the filling fell out and they said now a baby root canal and steel cap .....

By now I felt like they had messed up if they couldn't figure this out when we were there a few weeks ago.

Got his records, brought him to a ped dentist(I go to the adult side and love) and that ped dentist could tell from the same x-ray I brought with me, that his adult tooth was erupting so no need for a root canal and cap? Crazy, I would have been $$ oop if I stayed with the other dentist and a steel cap in his mouth.

I've also had a question with current ped dentist where I questioned some treatment that the dentist said and turns out my questions were right and treatment wasn't was got to do with the spacer.....they thought he needed a bigger one but I reminded them that his tooth was coming up anyway.

So learned my lesson.....don't settle, question question......if you don't like them then bring your kids and money elsewhere.

Moving in two weeks and extremely bummed we have to leave our great dentist now
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