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Re: Third trimester YI. What to use?

Originally Posted by Levi_Elizabeth View Post
I like to drink apple cider vinegar in water and eat 3 spoonfuls a day of coconut oil. I went to the Bragg apple cider vinegar website and it says it is safe for pregnant woment to drink and I am fairly certain coconut oil is too. Those 2 things help me so much. Also, take a probiotic. I got mine at Costco - they were the cheapest because probiotics are expensive. Hope this helps and you feel better!
Yep! I would also suggest taking apple cider vinegar with water as well as taking shallow baths with apple cider vinegar in them several times a day (it helps so much with the itching!). Taking probiotics (the best ones you can find in the fridge section of the grocery store) and taking them internally is also another thing to help balance out the good bacteria with the yeast overgrowth. Cutting out excess sugars from the diet (candy, fruit juice, excess carbs), focusing on eating a lot of vegetables and proteins, and getting in probiotic foods (sauerkraut, kimchee, kombucha, natural yogurt, kefir with low sugar, and other fermented foods) and lots and lots of water. You kind of have to work on the yeast from the inside out-so it's really important to work on diet to stop feeding the source and help eliminate it completely.
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