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Re: Which size prefold?

lol. wish you didn't tell me they have more greens again

My DS has a high rise, is taller, but weighs less. I think the green seconds are perfect for him now-- and not my normal "over-doing it." My first quality are a tiny bit longer (which I like and we'll undoubtedly need as he's a year and a half). I like having both (but I have to say I have every color and seconds in many, so I might not be very objective here). I tend to oversize because of his rise and height (please keep this in mind!), but would suggest green seconds to you. I'd be worried that the browns would be too short. BUT I've never diapered a short rise... tell us something that fits well.

Only if you can swing it, I would buy a dozen browns and a dozen greens- both seconds. Save the shipping and combine. I used browns with a trifolded red inside for DS's 4 month old night time diaper. If you like prefolds, I think with 2 you would get good use. At one point, I was night diapering with a pad folded brown inside a green with a hemp insert outside that- worked great! It is huge!!
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