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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

I always knew I'd CD it was how I was raised. Cloth for home disposables for out and about. It seemed logical to me.
When pregnant with my first in 2002 I stocked up an what I assumed were THE cloth diapers gerbers. I had gerber flats and all cotton prefolds and the ones with the foam batting centers and pins and pul on pants in NB and smalls..and lots of bbay washcloths
I was SET! I spent the next few months practicing my folding and pinning techiques...

October 26.2002 at 4:16pm baby arrives 6lbs .05oz (whats that a rasin?) 18 inches she is jaundiced so we spent about 5 additional days in the hospital and she comes home at 5lbs 10oz..
I'm eager to try the cloth so as soon as were home I get that silly pamper off of her (which was huge) and go for the cloth I read for a flat cause I wanted to show off my swsome folding skills... Ummmm wait this things is HUGE,, Its folded down small enough but now its soo thick it is eatting my baby.. Lets try the prefolds ummm yea I think not.. I go back to the flats and out of frustration take one and CUT it in half.. Okay well Now i get fit it on her lets add the pants.. Wait huh this thing goes clear over her head, these leg holes are a JOKE I can fit her entire body through one..

I tried but first feeding and her signature explosive poo and I was DRENCHED,, eww so it was back to disposables which leaked too but gave better containment..
FOr the next 3-4 months we used disposables in hope she'd grown into the cloth. We spents HUNDREDS on sposies as our super pooper was averaging 20 diapers a day..
Then one day I think wouldn't it be cool if they made a cloth diaper that worked like a disposable came with fasteners water proofing etc.. and decided to search the internet..
By the end I'd made my first order I bought 2 5 pack Kushie AIOs in infants and 2 8 pack Kushie basic diapers and bummi PUll on whisper pants (which I miss ordered I'd ment to do the SWW)
They arrived SOOOOO addorable and soft.. The fitted and covers worked! the AIOs sadly were huge still but a spark was lit and I wanted to see if their was more.. SO back to the internet I went and this time also found some diapering boards and asked questions... LEarned about wool, and hemp about premium prefolds compared to gerbers.
Eventually I ended up with a stash of snuggle up flannal fitted, premium cotton prefolds Bummi SWW hemp stay dry doublers and wooly bottom covers and snappis.
I was hooked....
I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

Deanna mom to Cecilia 10-26-02 and Margaret 3-8-10
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