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Re: Those who wash at laundry mat's...

it been a long time but I did it for about 6 months with my first.
my stash them was premium prefolds bummi SWW and fuzzi bunz pockets and a few hemp inserts plus homemade fleece liners and wipes (flannel and baby wash cloths)
I washed in a coin laundry once a week it was a $1.25 to wash and i used their large front loader which added a LOT of water and washed longer they were designed for like heavy bed spread and such.. They regular machines were $1.00 but shorter cycles..
I did one round on hot with whatever detergent and a downy of vinager. Dry was $.025 for 15 minutes, I'd did one occasionall 2 rounds but then used a drying rack at home to finish up.

Now I didn't have enough diapers to go a full week without washing so I did handwash at home, diapers were washed at the end of every other day day.. Poo diapers were dunked and swished as they came off the baby I also dunked and swished over night diapers and nap diaper or any tiem I felt they were well saturated with Pee. for the wash I used a large rubber maid container DH poked soem holes in and placed it in our tub..
Filled container with as hot of water I could and added some detergent I think I used ALLENS mostly using a toilet plunger bought JUST for diapers I used to additate the diapers I considered it my work out. Then that water was drained out and cool water added no detergent.. aggitated again, drained filled again aggitated and drained.. Diapers were rung out and hung to dry on an outside clothes line.
It was for us worth it because the cost of even the cheepest disposables full time was out of the question.. WHen I did get a washer back though we were much happier.
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