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Re: Child asthma

DS2 had an "asthma attack" a week and a half ago. Aside from an occasional normal kid cough/allergies he'd never shown any signs of it. I took him to the Dr. the next day and she said we'd keep an eye on him but that it's not good to label a child after just one episode. She prescribed Albuterol. He started running a high fever the next day (so we started antiboitocs) but when I took him in for a recheck the next week she said his lungs sound clear and the congestion is in his throat, not his lungs. She suggested cough medicine. He won't take the cough medicine so he still coughs occasionally but not at night anymore, only when he's up running around and gets winded. We've had him sleeping at an incline since the "asthma attack" and that seems to help.

Doctors were also quick to label my niece with asthma after one asthma attack on the playground at school. I think she was just playing hard, it was allergy season, and she got winded. She's never had any other issues with it.
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