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Re: THE I still LOVE motherease thread!! It's 2013!

Originally Posted by lauraz76 View Post
I'm very new to CD, just a couple weeks! I first ordered about a dozen pocket diapers just to get me started. They are OK, but I"m definitely having some heavy-wetter problems. He can soak thru 2 hemp inserts at night. :-O!!

So I poked around and ordered just a few more things. I just received my MEOS today! Also a bummis pull-on cover.

I"m so intrigued by the Sandy's. My 4 month old is a chunk, he's already 17lbs. So I figured I'd hold off on the Sandy's until he was 20lbs and could fit into the large. But I just read thru this whoooooole thread, and it looks like maybe he could still use the smalls?

Is there a preferred hookup source for ME? There are so many diaper sites, and they don't all have the same things.
Mombecks has motherease. She is sweet. My daughter is 20lbs-1yr old, she can do a small or large..the large is still very loose and baggy but works. I like the smalls better under bummis pull on bc the rise on those is lower so there is less tucking. I didnt love meos but sandys are great. Great for night diapers as well bc you can stuff them with extra absorbancy.

Re: small vs large, a lot of it has to do with the build of child. My son fit fine in a large sandys at 20lbs but he was a chunker. DD is very long but not thick like he was. Her butt, thighs, legs are much slimmer. Hes got booty and legs and a belly. He was 20lbs at 6mos. Shes probably hovering over 20lbs now and almost 13mos. Try both!
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