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Re: Will soaking ruin my diapers?

Originally Posted by nonipie View Post
I would think in the long run it might cause issues since you are basically soaking them overnight in urine and poop particle water. Stains are not a big deal. I would not run a bunch of extra rinses and washes just to avoid them. That's a lot of water, energy and wear and tear on the diapers. Make sure your detergent is working for you. With the right detergent we get very few stains and those wash out eventually. Occasionally I have to sun one or two diapers and they are stain free with an hour. If it simplifies your wash and is working for you though then go ahead but it may shorten the life of the ones with elastic.
This^ exactly. I worry less about stains and more about bacterial biofilms that will lead to ammonia in your diapers, because the ammonia will burn baby's skin. I rinse my poop diapers right away and just dry pail the others I have very few stains. For daycare, I use flushable liners and if a poop diaper is really bad, I will rinse it at the end of the day when I am unstuffing pockets at home...but have just left a few until the next day and it was fine, no stains.

There was a whole other thread about stinking dipes due to "marinating the diapers overnight in poo water", sorry I can't find it now, but I really wouldn't recommend it. There will be bacterial decomposition of the fabric fibers, too, if they are soaked often like that.
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