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Originally Posted by danner

So if I feel put off and confused by the term sissy, does that make me nitpicky? Just curious, because I do feel a bit insulted by it, and I couldn't put my finger on why at first.

So I got the definition:

derogatory. A person regarded as effeminate or cowardly.

derogatory. Feeble and cowardly.

I think these definitions is why I am uncomfortable with the word. It's derogatory and being used about a baby. If this isn't how the OP meant it, then it was a poor choice of word.

Anyway, if the question is, when do you stop responding to every single bump, I'd say at about 6 months. I follow my kids lead though, and if they are genuinely scared or sad or hurt, I react with love and care regardless of gender or to how they might turn out later on.
sissy[ sis-ee ]
1. an effeminate boy or man.
2. a timid or cowardly person.
3. a little girl.

effeminate[ adj. ih-fem-uh-nit; v. ih-fem-uh-neyt ]
1. (of a man or boy) having traits, tastes, habits, etc., traditionally considered feminine, as softness or delicacy.
2. characterized by excessive softness, delicacy, self-indulgence, etc.: effeminate luxury.

So I guess it depends on the dictionary you use. Obviously I wasn't using a derogatory word towards my son!

I agree with PP people are so nit picky.

To clear things up, I was calling my son "soft, delicate, and timid."
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