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Originally Posted by corinne76

OMG thanks for this! DD has been battling this cough for a couple years now. It comes and goes, but last for weeks when she has it. It's almost always associated with a cold and then a respiratory infection. And definitely gets worse when we get vog (volcanic smog) and when it's cold (the winter months are the worst for us). She coughs so bad at night, she sometimes can't breathe and then vomits.
Her cough actually started up last week, and we gave her Pulmacort at night. It made it worse?? I tried again the next day at her nap, and yup, it heightened her cough. We stopped it and have been doing just albuterol as needed and she's almost completely better.
You have to give pulmicort on a daily basis even when she isn't sick. It's a preventative so you can't just start it up when she gets sick and expect it to work. It has to be in her system and it takes a while.
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