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Originally Posted by jamieism
I think I said in my original response that I didn't think this was the OPs intention so I am a little surprised at the defensiveness. No offense was intended.

I wasn't trying to nitpick so much as say that I think words matter.

I have had similar kinds of semantics pointed out to me (eg the difference between praising behavior and praising the child "great job" vs "good boy") and I found it useful even if I sometimes forget to choose my words well.
Mama it wasn't your post that triggered my defense. No offense was taken from your post at all!

Gently stating your opinion (as you did) and accusing me of being homophobic, misogynistic and using derogatory language towards my own son, are hardly the same thing.

please forgive all typos due to auto correct's lack of mind reading abilities. :-)

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