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A 16 month old is still a baby. Walking talking baby. I baby babies. I don't even like that term. It seems degrading. Coddle? While I don't react often, when there is genuine hurt or fear I go quickly. When they lay it on thick I tell them they don't have to convince me, and I help them calm down.

Originally Posted by addicteddad
Maybe accept that he may just be sensitive, not "the biggest sissy ever", and work with that. I mean how tough does a 16 month old need to be?
I was thinking this. There was a lot if "tough guy" between the lines TO ME in that OP. perhaps having military dad home has created a different dynamic?

Originally Posted by GirlFriday13th
I'm also uncomfortable with the use of "sissy".
But fwiw my younger child is a screamer. And I don't rush to his aid for minor injuries and I've always been very "brush it off, you're fine" with both kids. They just have inherently different temperaments.
This is us too.

Originally Posted by danner

So if I feel put off and confused by the term sissy, does that make me nitpicky? Just curious, because I do feel a bit insulted by it, and I couldn't put my finger on why at first.

So I got the definition:

derogatory. A person regarded as effeminate or cowardly.

derogatory. Feeble and cowardly.

I think these definitions is why I am uncomfortable with the word. It's derogatory and being used about a baby. If this isn't how the OP meant it, then it was a poor choice of word.

Anyway, if the question is, when do you stop responding to every single bump, I'd say at about 6 months. I follow my kids lead though, and if they are genuinely scared or sad or hurt, I react with love and care regardless of gender or to how they might turn out later on.
Just another yes. We do our men and boys such a disservice by requiring such toughness and using such emotionally provocative words.
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