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SOLD Newborn/small side snapping cover, SOLD wool soaker

All sold please delete.

Two nb/small breathable wool covers, freshly washed and lanolized, bargain $18ppd for both or $10ppd each.

Purple swirl pattern double-layer felted snap cover from Celtic Wool Creations, 11.25" rise, legs 4-7" unstretched - stretches up to 12" thigh, waist 15" all the way up to 25" on largest snap setting. $10ppd.

Dark blue wool newborn soaker with a dark green leaf applique on the bum, waist 12" and soft, easily stretches to 20", rise 15" including waistband (just the dark blue part with the waistband tucked down is 10.5" rise), $10ppd.

More photos under spoiler:




Special snap (says "Celtic Wool Creations:"

Hand-knit longies, used twice, Paton SWS, waist 12" at rest, cinches smaller and stretches bigger, 13.5" from waistband to cuff, 8.5" top of waist to crotch, inseam 5-7" depending on how it's measured due to center triangular inset, $14ppd.Sold. Soaker still available.
This one is sold

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