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Re: Pertussis Vaccine

Originally Posted by kirst View Post
I got it at my son's 3 month appt. I was told that even though I had a booster about 4 years ago, that i needed another one as there are mutations in the pertussis now and the older vaccines do not protect anymore.
It's true that pertussis is mutating but there is no new vax for the mutating strains. The reason you had to be revaccinated is because the shot doesn't work for very long at all. You start loosing immunity from the vax within a few months of being vax'ed.

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
Do they not give just the tetanus by itself?
To my knowledge they don't do this anymore.

Here's my problem with the vaccine. First of all, there has not been any long term studies showing it's safety. SO there is no way I would get the vax while pregnant. Second of all, they have shown that getting vax'ed before pregnancy protects babies more then getting vax'ed after pregnancy but even then it only reduces babies risk of contracting the illness by about 52%. Not that great IMHO. Here is a link to the article on it. Admittedly I haven't yet had the chance to read the actual study. The article only came out a few days ago.

But if the vax wears off quickly and assuming there is a few months time between you getting the vax and then getting pregnant you won't be guaranteed to still be immune. Also I'm not convinced that this vaccine is a good thing from even a public health perspective. IMHO it's entirely possible that we have done more harm then good with it.

I think a much better option for pregnant women is to get their titers checked. If you contracted WC as an adult it's entirely possible you never knew it and immunity is likely lifelong. I am immune to WC but was still pressured by OB's to get the vax. I declined every time and probably would have even if I wasn't immune.
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