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Re: Child asthma

I would make an appt. with an allergy/asthma specialist. Treating a child who doesn't have asthma w/ an inhaler isn't really going to do damage, but there are preventative medicines that can really be effective if he really has asthma. My DS is on a daily dose of Singulair for asthma/allergy's and has a nebulizer w/ albuteral as needed. He goes in for regular check-ups w/ our specialist to evaluate his condition. Some allergy's and asthma is something kids can "grow out of" and is really subjective. He may be being effected by the season, certain pollens, mold, etc. This is such a bad year for colds/flus, that I really wouldn't assume he has asthma until he is checked out by a specialist and there is more than one episode. There has been a nasty cold going around up here that has been turning into bronchitis for many people with some symptoms that might resemble asthma. Hope he is feeling better soon!
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