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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

Technically my first time using cloth was when my first daughter was starting to potty train at age 3. I tried pull ups but they were SUCH a pain, and I kept hearing bad things about disposable trainers and how they prolong the whole process. I was discouraged. One day, I noticed some cute underwear-like training pants at Target. Gerber training pants with a little extra cotton in the middle for minor absorbancy. My daughter took to them very well...she was able to have a tiny "warning" accident in them without her pants getting wet and then would run to the bathroom. Soon she wasn't having any accidents at all! I rejoiced . The seed of curiousity about using cloth 100% was planted.

My husband and I then bought a duplex in the city, moved in/became landlords at the same time, and eventually baby girl #2 came along - but started off wearing sposies. We got into the WAPF/real food movement, joined a local co-op (Mississippi Market - fab place!), and that was the first time I saw true modern cloth diapers - Gdiapers - sitting next to all the other eco friendly baby items. I looked them over but didn't buy any. I also started reading the blog Young House Love where a post about their stash of BGEs caught my eye. I asked hubby about switching - I wanted it to be a mutual decision since he changes all diapers when I work evenings/weekends. He was less than enthusiastic and I dropped the subject.

Joining the co-op introduced up to a more green and self-sufficient way of living, and we began an effort to reduce waste in our home. Hubby saw just how much trash we were producing from diapers alone + what our tenants threw out, and I could tell it bugged him. I thought about cloth as a solution and knew I had a pretty solid case for switching. When DD #2 was around a year old, I casually brought it up again, this time with research to back up my idea. He actually listened, was intrigued, and agreed to give cloth a try! I was SO excited!!! I decided to sample a variety of stuff - osocozy, kissaluvs, thirsties, bummis, imse vimse, bottombumpers, mommy's touch, swaddlebees, softbums, babykicks, little beetle...I had a couple of products from each brand, and loved how every diaper had different benefits, uses, and fit. I found myself bringing a new diaper to work on occasion to show my coworkers how cute they were. I started suggesting cloth to any new mom announcements on my facebook feed. I then discovered a mom I went to hs with who now used cloth and she invited me to join her new Minnesota CD group on facebook. I finally got to chat with other moms who supported/shared my passion and helped me with any issues. Then another MN CD group was discovered, the two groups merged and began to grow, and now we have a few hundred members! This kept the love for cloth alive and kicking, introduced me to a gazillion other brands to try, and still has me joining new blogs, fan pages, etsy stores, ANYTHING to do with cloth.

....Now I'm expecting baby #3 in August and I am SUPER excited to CD a NEWBORN! I'm actively researching and planning what to add to my stash now, and furthermore I just joined diaperswappers too (this is my second post!) The addiction continues...dun dun dun!

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