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Re: see if it resolves on own? or antibiotics? WWYD?

Originally Posted by CntryMama View Post
Meningitis is a complication of scarlet fever - so yes, if she had strep but it cause more problems like scarlet fever and meningitis then going blind is not a wrong theory. Knowone knows what caused her blindness - it is all therories.
Yes, crazy scientifically and medically back theories by doctors.
Meningitis is a different strain of Strep, strep B, versus strep and scarlet fever which are strep A. Strep A can't turn into strep B.

I would also assume that if the OPs condition turned to scarlet fever, she would take meds at that point and stop any obscure risk of catching strep B while fighting strep A, so the factually incorrect fear mongering is uneccessary IMO.
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