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OMG the sassiness!

DD is out of hand today!
Her brother made her mad and she proceeded to go on and on about how she's NEVER going to play with him EVER again and that she doesn't love him.
I was in the midst of telling her that I don't like hearing that, when she tells me "can you hurry up with your words?" Apparently I was keeping her from playing Barbies.
She was playing in her room for awhile, and comes out and asks if she can watch Cars outside with us. this is after yelling from her room that she is noever going to come out while a "boy" movie is on and that she never wants to watch her brother's movies.
I told her I never said she couldnt' come out, and she starts saying "let me're still mad" It was not a question. It was a statement dripping with sass.
So I ignored her. She kept on until I finally told her yes I am mad. She ran away crying.
Part of me wants to go comfort her, and the other part wants her to cry, she needs to know her attitiude is not going to fly. Spring break just started. I have her all day for 2 weeks. wish me luck mamas......
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