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Originally Posted by AmberP
I think I just figured out some of my breathing problems. Apparently, my asthma has come back full force. I've been coughing most nights for 3-4 weeks, having trouble breathing if I go up and down stairs, walk too much, etc. So I was laying in bed today and I started wheezing and hacking and coughing and couldn't breathe and it dawned on me that this was exactly like an asthma attack.... and then I remembered that I have asthma. I haven't had an attack in probably 5+ years. I found my old inhaler a few days ago and it is almost full and dated out in 2008.

So I took two puffs off of my inhaler and I was better within 5 minutes. The problem is that I had another attack less than two hours later and my chest feels raw and I am not sure how often I can take my albuterol and be safe =/ The RX says every 6 hours.

I am thinking about calling the advice nurse.
Call, call, call!!! I have some minor asthma and know that it is nothing to mess with. See what they say and go get checked out if you need to. Take care, mama!!

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