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[QUOTE="EmilytheStrange"] I started at birth. Which means that I would do her bath, jammies, etc at the same time every night. Of course, she didn't sleep through the night, she just went down for a nap and was up to feed two hours later

We started around two weeks. By the time I went back to work at 10 wks a routine 6-7 pm bedtime but we are an early rising family. For a while she was falling asleep at like 5 but bedtime has been 6-7 pm for two years now. "Strict" is relative - we are usually bathed and jammies on around 7, so reading/prayers/snuggling/endless sips of water til 730. But the actual time can vary by 30 mins either way, i take her lead on how tired she is.
I would think about your latest nap and try to reduce/move it forward.
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