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Re: What counts as a toddler sentence?

Originally Posted by jam's mum View Post
Another question, a bit silly: does it have to be three words? For instance, she'll say "Jammy sleep. Mama sleep. Mama tired." Are those sentences? Or just 'putting words together' - like sometimes she'll just list stuff, like who's in the car, what she sees in the sky, etc: mama, Daddy, doggie; plane, bird, tree, cloud. I know it doesn't really matter, and she'll talk fluidly one day, but I don't know what to tell people when they ask whether she's talking!
IMO she's talking. She is putting two words together herself and not just copying something, she understands what she is saying.

I also go with what pps have said. When they are making a sentence themself. For eg, my 16 month old for a while has said things like 'I want some this/milk/juice/grapes'. But 'I want some' is really like one word/phrase for her that she always says together. So I would say she is starting to put two words together, but not that she is talking in 4 word sentences, LOL!
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