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Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
I think it completely depends on your kid and your definition of potty trained. In my house potty trained means the child takes themselves or tells me when they need to go with very little help from me. Meaning I dont have to watch for clues that they need to potty and get them there for them not to have an accident. I do not want a kid peeing all over my floors and having tons of accidents that I have to clean up. Waste of my time and just frustraites me and them. Each one is sooo different
These are my feelings, too.

My son PTed at 32 months, we went cold turkey into undies for daytime and after 2 days of that he decided he wasn't going to wear a diaper at night, either. It was done with very little effort on my part. I will say though, that the difference in readiness between 30 and 32 months was just HUGE. Things change fast at that age.
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