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Re: OMG the sassiness!

I don't think you need to comfort her, but ignoring her and then telling her you're still mad isn't really that good of an example or the best communication. My 5 year old definitely has that sass, but the more we talk about whats ok and whats not the better it has been. And we have those talks a couple minutes after the infraction, discuss tone and how things could be said better, and whats appropriate to say to another person. Then we hug, do the appropriate apologies if necessary, and move on with the day.

Last night for example, I was asking my H to get me a water since I was already in bed (he gets me water every night <3 so spoiled) and Z goes, "well do you have legs mama?" I laughed because she got me, and then explained that I do have legs and I should get it for myself but Daddy likes to help sometimes, just like I help her sometimes.
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