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Re: February/March Chat Thread

Aww, so glad they get to stay with you.

Originally Posted by ivparker View Post
So dhs is going to let us keep the girls. We just have to write up a self-care plan. Not sure what that is exactly. I have a meeting about it on Thursday.

So talking about birthdays, our dfd will be turning 3 in May and I wanted to throw her a birthday party. What do you guys generally do? I was thinking to do it at a park and invite the parents. I'm not completely comfortable with them coming to my home just yet. I love to throw really fun parties so one of those play places just doesn't appeal to me. Too crowded and not personal. I was thinking of the zoo but pricing it out, it was at $400 with no food. Just too pricey. Do bio parents do the birthday party? I'm thinking they have never had a birthday as dfd already has gone to 2 birthday parties and when the cake came out with candles and people began to sing, she got scared.
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