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Re: OMG the sassiness!

I would talk about it with her when she is acting more rational. Sometimes in the heat of the moment it is hard to separate emotion and what we try to teach our children. I do believe at time childrens just aren't in the mindset to understand and be cooperative. But that doesn't mean you can't revisit the problem. I just TRY, and I put that in CAPS LOCK bc it is trying at times, to stay in the positive when I talk to my DS. He is more likely to respond better or more positive when I do the same with him. I know it is hard to turn a negative mind to the positive but it is worth trying. Like my DS is convinced we are going out today but we are not. So every once in a while he goes through the drama of wanting to go to Library or bouncy today when he knows we are going tomorrow. It is hard to go through it over and over. But I don't feel well and we have been out all weeks so he can wait one day to go out!! I feel bad like I am holding him back but sometime I just need to stay in. (agoraphobic, another story and one that I am doing wonderfully to change) I have been so much better at getting him out but he needs to understand it is not at his every whim that we go. So I too deal with a not sassy but defiant 3 yr old!! I just try to keep him busy and distract but as he is getting older it is harder. I wish you luck and love for your family through spring break and hope things get better with your DD.
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