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Re: Tell me about your 1 hr glucose alternative

i did 16 oz of OJ and got tested 45 min later.

i do finger pricks with the glucose meter that is highly rated from wal-mart bc ive been prone to hypoglycemia this pregnancy. if i had a regular OB i would refuse the syrup drink bc it sucks and its really not good for you in any way shape or form (i would rather eat some maple syrup or honey or even plain old sugar water).

i take a fasting test first thing in the morning and then usually an hour after meals to make sure im on track. the key to any diabetes/hypoglycemia management is combining your complex carbs/proteins correctly and making sure you are active, drink plenty of water, sleep, and eat a TON of healthy veggies and low glycemic fruits like apple and grapefruit. even if your test comes back positive or negative, you should eat this way just in general and esp. when pregnant!
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