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Hips hurting after babywearing

My body's gone through a lot of changes since having my first child almost 6 years ago. I had sciatica with my latest pregnancy, and now, I've noticed that if I wear my DD in my mei tai (BabyHawk) for more than an hour, my hips start to really hurt afterwards. No pain in the neck and shoulders, and I feel fine while wearing her, but afterwards my hips are so sore.

My hips feel all disjointed and when I sit down and get up, it's super painful. Even sitting cross legged causes lots of pain afterwards.

I wore DD maybe 4 hours yesterday as DH and I strolled the mall and browsed for furniture. I had on comfortable shoes and my feet didn't hurt...just my hips afterwards. DD is only like 12 lbs at the most. She's a tiny thing.

Does anyone else have this problem?
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