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Re: Am I a candidate for VBAC??

Originally Posted by GerbersRN View Post
My water broke at 11 am on Monday, but it was only my head waters. Started having active labor at 11 pm that night and went into the hospital at 3 am dilated at 5.5 cm. they started me on pitocin as soon as I got my epidural at 8 30 and I was at 7- 71/2 at that time. I was fully dilated at noon and started pushing but she was in the OP position and the top of the scalp would come out, and then go back in after the contraction I pushed for five hours. My LO wasn't struggling yet, but the epidural wasnt sticking and after trying to vacuum her out and it failing I decided I wanted the C section. At 5 30 my LO was born at 8 lbs 11 oz. I am very much wanting to try a VBAC, my DH isn't very hot on the idea... But I just need some more opinions. Thank you!
Out of curiousity - did they help you into any other positions while you pushed, or encourage you to take any new positions while you laboured? Moving around in labour and during pushing can help a poorly positioned baby move the right way around. And squatting during pushing can open up your pelvic bones about 25%! When a woman has an epidural, she's most often left to labour on her back, because moving her takes work, but that's not a helpful way to labour with a badly positioned baby. Also, it can be very hard for a first time mom to push effectively while she can't feel her body.
If you decide to try again (and I definitely would recommend it!) then read some good natural child-birth books and get in touch with ICAN for other VBAC resources. There is no reason why you can't birth your baby vaginally with the right information and support.
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