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Re: vbac after 2 C/S anyone? or am I crazy...

I had a vba2c.

I my first I was induced and it went nowhere. My 2nd had low amniotic fluid but I did not want to chance it so I had a scheduled c/s.

I also lived in Upstate NY and the Drs there would not do a VBA2C but I was not worried about it bc I was moving. So I researched for Drs in the area I was moving to--would have done the same research if I did not move for that area, and found my Dr.

I read some ICAN things, did lots of yoga--for physical and mental purposes, and stayed positive throughout even knowing all the risks and complications.

After 45 minutes of pushing I had dd vaginally--I cheated I did get an epi.

I am having another baby in April and plan on a vaginal birth as well.

Do I think it can be done ABSOLUTELY!!! I think you need the right support system, the right Dr's, and a positive mindset. I also think that exercises that are geared towards breathing and positioning are really important--yoga and meditation.

GL I hope you get your ideal birth!
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