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Re: Vegan and Vegetarian mamas enter here...

Originally Posted by mebl0901 View Post
Wow. I'm sorry you're struggling so much. It sounds like you've been very thorough in trying to figure out what's going on with your health by eliminating things from your diet, but have you had a total health work-up? I would be tempted to see a doctor and see what they think.

Also, if you are that active, I would think you probably aren't getting enough calories.

And for anyone who is interested we had this for supper and it was DELISH! Even my carnivore hubby liked it and didn't mention anything about no meat.
I have not had a full health work up two years and I am probably due. I have full blood panels yearly because of the medications I am on but I think I have been putting off seeing a doctor because I don't want to be told it is just GERD (which I know I have anyway) and all I can do is take medicine for it. This is what they told me the last several times I went in. My blood work all looks fine. I need to just find a new doctor and make an appt.

I probably do need to be taking in more calories of complex carbohydrates before work outs. The more I look at my diet that is what I think I am missing. We typically eat dinner after TKD which I am sure doesn't help. I need to come up with some good light afternoon snacks for dh and I to get us through.
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