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Re: We need a vegetarian meals thread!
made this Sunday and it was amazing, I used oyster mushrooms instead of ****ake. We all loved it, even the boys.
This is also a big hit at our house but I will warn that it is a pain to cook (I would half the recipe unless you have a giant family). It is super simple but that is a ton of cabbage to try to fit in a pot or slow cooker. It tastes great though.
This is probably hands down the favorite meal at our house. I use mung bean lentils in it and can do it with or without the couscous. It is just plain wonderful.
Another favorite but I make it vegan using coconut oil and coconut milk (like the kind you would drink not the cans). I triple the recipe and then make a veggie to go with it and that is what we have for dinner. The kids will eat it for breakfast with a little coconut milk. They just love it.
I do this with veggie broth instead of chicken bullion and it is just as good if not better with canned coconut milk instead of evaporated milk. I have also omitted the flour without issue. It works well with both broccoli and cauliflower. We love this and do it all of the time. (you can use frozen veggies if you don't have fresh)
This is great and can be done in the slow cooker
I make it with veggie broth and it is very good. The kids tell me it tastes like chicken soup?
This is amazing. I love this soup but can't have it right now cause I am off of gluten. I can't wait till I can eat gluten again so I can make this soup. Love me some lentils and mushrooms.
Everyone here loved these

ETA: Lasagna is a great make ahead meal and can be veggie, even the noodles can be strips of veggies (like squash) instead of noodles. I make everyone eat what I am making cause I'm just mean that way but I will sometimes make a meat and then just eat the veggies and starch like potato or rice while they have everything. You can also do something like the flautas or burritos and just stuff yours with veg while everyone else gets meat in theirs. I've noticed dh gets over not having meat if I make a really go veg chili or soup.
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