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Re: need allergy help!

Originally Posted by apboyles View Post
I take claritin/loratadine. Took it all through nursing and I'm pretty sure it's also considered a class B drug while pregnant (no side effects shown in animal studies). Hope you get some relief soon! Also, if your eyes are really itchy, I had to get a prescription for Patanol for relief. It is the only eye drop that helps my allergies.
Oh yes, Patanol! I've had that before and it's amazing, I'm so glad it's ok. Definitely going to call tomorrow for that, thanks!
In general, I've just started taking the benadryl more often, before I'm feeling too miserable, and at least I'm not having the swelling anymore. I've tried netti potting, but I'm so congested that it won't even flow through. Mostly I guess I just need to wait it out. I hate spring!
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